Testimonial CONTINUE

Mike Boccuzzi

Retired Federal Agent

As an experienced firearms owner and retired federal agent, I was familiar with simulator training of a far less advanced nature from many years ago. Curious to see current technology and what Marcel and Scott have established, I visited with my wife, who was essentially inexperienced with firearms. We were thoroughly impressed with the facility; the scenarios, which ran the gamut from fun target shooting, to heart-racing life and death self-defense decision-making; and the relatively quick evolution of sharpened shooting skills for us both in the span of a 2-hour session. On that first visit, Marcel deftly and patiently transitioned my wife from apprehensive, uncertain first-timer to a comfortable, confident shooter focused on proper safety, sighting, target acquisition and follow-through. The reality based training is truly impactful, so much so, that we have been back three more times with friends and family, to include my son, an active duty police officer and his wife. We are all duly impressed. Marcel and Scott are on target with all they offer, coupled with their professionalism, patience and explanatory approach. I can't say enough about FAST, and I am sold on being a repeat customer. - Mike Boccuzzi 


Erwin Fruehauf

Reliability Engineer

"I walked in into FAST not quite knowing what was in store for us.  I was pleased when I realized that the facilities were indoors and climate controlled...  Scott and Marcel met us with warm smiles and put any nerves at ease as they walked us to the range.  They talked briefly about their work experience in law enforcement, security contracting and what led them to creating FAST.  We had a quick, but thorough, overview of the guns we would be using.  They pointed out that we would be handling real firearms which were modified to replace the firing mechanism with a laser used by the system to mark our shots.  Firearm safety is stressed at all times, to reinforce best practices for those who may be exposed to live ammunition in the future.    When I pulled the trigger my ears were greeted with the boom of a report.  Audio is fed back by surround sound.  Some of the firearms were configured to provide the shooter with kickback." 

Brenda Height

HR Director

"We had an incredible girls night out at FAST!  None of us have ever experienced anything like this before, so much fun.  We shot at bottles, moving targets, exploding barrels, and even zombies. I was amazed how quickly we went from never handling a gun to hitting the targets almost every time.  Thank you Marcel & Scott!"

Charlene Bazarian


" I went to FAST not knowing really what to expect, but what impactful, powerful and fun experience!! You'll find every sense heightened during your session and I can't wait to go back and bring friends with me!  From the tactical to the practical, this was a full on adrenaline filled hour.  If you're looking for something to do that gets you out of spectator mode and also has you learn valuable information, FAST is for you!"

Robert Hall

Global IT Director

I was totally impressed with the technology.  I got to shoot at a system that is used by Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world. The scenarios were so real, they really challenge your ability to use the right amount of force and test your ability to respond to threatening situations.  Very professional training."

Paul Capizzi, Esq.

Municipal Attorney

An experienced municipal attorney, I only recently learned to fire a handgun with FAST and wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle.  My first experience shooting a rifle was with with FAST, an AR-15.  After learning to shoot with FAST, I tried a live-fire AR-15 at an outdoor range.  I shot perfectly!!  Thanks to my training with FAST, I was proficient with live fire.  Perhaps more noteworthy, FAST was a whole lot of fun!!!  Thank you FAST.

Rhonda Burtolli

Airline Attendant

I learned gun safety, how to shoot and had fun at the same time.  The Basic Firearms Safety Course was great, I left with my certificate and can now apply for my gun license.  The best part was that I didn't have to buy bullets.

Arthur Simonelli

Professional Musician


I went to F.A.S.T. having never held or fired a gun in my life nor having much interest in guns,by the time I left, not only did I have a lot of fun,but I also had a very good basic understanding of how to hold and operate a firearm. I highly recommend it for educational purposes as well as having a good time with a great staff in a great environment!