Law Enforcement Only

Our Law Enforcement Training Lab prepares you for moments when your life is on the line and split-second decisions matter. From tactical experience to weapons use, from situational training to safety measure, practice and repetition pays off - because preparation is the key to survival.

Our high quality, full - function Training Simulator provides a wide range of force options, from TASER to Baton to OC SPRAY to commonly used firearms.  Offering a high level of system flexibility and an astonishing degree of realism, the highly - effective educational scenarios will challenge the trainee's decision - making ability and develop life - saving skills.  Our scenarios incorporate realistic gunfire, explosions and bodily injury.  

We offer interactive life like scenarios that are exclusive for Law Enforcement which include, active shooters in office buildings, schools, churches and synagogues, assaults, robbery, domestic violence and many other critical incidents.   

Our staff possesses over 60 years of combined experience and specialized knowledge in Law Enforcement and Training.  We truly understand the needs of the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Communities and our superior training solutions set us apart.